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About Us

gTalk®Shop is a web based online shopping site primarily designed for expatriate Bangladeshis to send gift items to their friends and family members in Bangladesh. It is a service product of Genusys Inc., provider of gTalk® Pinless calling service ( www.gtalk.us ) which is a very popular international calling service among expatriate Bangladeshi community.

Expatriate Bangladeshis have long been wishing for a reliable e-commerce service that would allow them to use their credit card or credit balance in their gTalk® Pinless account to reliably send gift items, top-up mobile service, pay utility bills, send cash gifts to their friends and family members in Bangladesh. Guess what, gTalk®Shop is exactly the kind of service that meets this requirement. It comes with the same reliability and quality of service that the gTalk® Pinless customers are used to for nearly a decade.

The gTalk®Shop features lots of product categories from which expatriate Bangladeshis may choose items to send as gifts to recipients in Bangladesh.  The product category includes regular family needs, flowers, snack/food items, special occasion gifts, mobile top up service, small cash gifts etc.

Bangladesh - composed of culturally and religiously diverse communities celebrate various festivals at different times of the year. The Bengali proverb “Baro Mase Tero Parbon” (“Thirteen festivals in twelve months”) says it all. Eid, Puja, Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year), Nabanna (festival of food), Pohela Falgun, Bhai Phonta and more traditional festivals dot the annual calendar of Bangladesh. Besides, Bangladesh celebrates many internationally recognized days like New Year Day, Friends Day, Valentine Day, Father's Day, Mother's day and so on. gTalk®Shop is an ideal platform that the expatriate Bangladeshis can use to send gifts to their near and dear ones in Bangladesh to make these important occasions memorable.

Our experienced delivery team, 24/7 Customer Support Center are at your service to make your experience in using gTalk®Shop service a memorable one.  

gTalk®Shop A service product of Genusys Inc.
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Availability of Service:

Currently orders for tangible gift items are taken from individuals all over the world for delivery to recipients in Dhaka metropolitan area. However gift cards, small cash gifts, and mobile top-up services are available for delivery throughout Bangladesh.  Later we will add Chittagong and Sylhet metropolitan city area under our tangible gift delivery service area.