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1: What is gTalk®Shop.com?

 Answer: gTalk®Shop is an online shopping site (www.gtalkshop.com) primarily designed for expatriate Bangladeshis to send gift items to their friends and family members in Bangladesh. It is a service product of Genusys Inc., Dallas, Texas, provider of gTalk®Pinless calling service (www.gtalk.us) .


2. Do I need to open a gTalk®Shop.com account for placing orders?

 Answer: Yes. Opening account with gTalk®Shop is FREE. Simply visit www.gtalkshop.com .


3. How do I create a gTalk®shop.com account?

 Answer:  To create an account visit www.gTalkshop.com and click on the “SIGN UP” tab. Fill the required blank fields in the window and then click on “Submit” button.


4: How do I sign in using gTalk®shop.com  account?

 Answer:  To sign in, visit www.gTalkshop.com and then click on the “SIGN IN” tab.  Provide your email address and password and then click ‘Login’ button.


5: What if I forget my gTalk®Shop password?

 Answer:  If you have forgotten your password  visit www.gTalkshop.com, click on ‘Sign In’ button and then on ‘Forgot password?’ This will open ‘Recovery Password’ page.  Fill in your registered email address and click on ‘Submit’ button. Check your email for subsequent action.


6: Is my information safe in your site?

 Answer: Absolutely yes.  We strictly abide by our security policy which is available in this website.


7: What types of products gTalk®shop  sells?

 Answer: gTalk®shop offer a range of products suitable a gift items to be delivered to your friends and family members in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Available gift items include Bangladeshi food items like: sweets, cakes, and chocolates.  Also available flowers, fruits, perfumes, diabetic foods, diabetic kit, food catering, souvenirs, greetings cards, men's/women's fashions, households and many more.


8. What is the minimum order amount?

 Answer:  There is no minimum $ limit for a single order. 


9. Is there an upper limit on purchase?

 Answer: There is no upper $ limit for a single order.  However for placing order valued over $300 please contact our 24/7 customer support at (347) 801-8500.


10. What are the payment options at gTalk®shop?

 Answer: You can use your debit card, credit card - Master, Visa, Discovery and PayPal.


11: I want to make an order on gTalk®Shop, how do I do it?

 Answer:   First you need to register i.e. open account at www.gTalkshop.com .  Visit the page where your desired product(s) are displayed. Click on your desired product. Now click on ‘Add to Cart’. If you want to continue shopping click ‘Continue Shopping’ or if you want to checkout click ‘View Cart and Checkout’.  While proceeding to checkout there will be payment options available from which you can choose one according to your convenience (MasterCard, Visa card, Discovery, or PayPal). You will need to provide shipping address with recipient’s name and contact number, finally click on ‘Place Order’.


12.  Can I place an order for future delivery date?

 Answer:  Yes.


13. What is the order cancellation period?

 Answer: Customers will have a ‘cooling off’ period of 30 minutes after placing an order.  During this cooling off period, the customer is free to cancel the entire order and receive a full refund back to the original payment source used to place the order.  This facility gives customers a chance to rectify any mistake in placing the order. An order cannot be cancelled by the customer after 30 minutes of placing the order.

 We will issue full refund if we refuse/cancel an order that you have paid for within 48 hours of such cancellation.


14.  Can gTalk®Shop.com cancel an entire order or part of the order?

 Answer:  On rare occasions for reasons beyond the control of gTalk®Shop like general strike, out of stock items, failure to contact recipient etc. gTalk®Shop may be compelled to cancel an order notifying the customer.  Such cancellation will include refund of the purchase price of the cancelled products.


15. Are there any hidden costs apart from the product price and shipping charges?

 Answer:   None. You only pay the price of the product.  However for orders less than $10, a $5 shipping cost will be added.


16. Shall I receive a confirmation mail after placing an order?

 Answer: Yes.


17.  Shall I receive email confirming shipping of goods purchased?

Answer:  Yes.


18. Shall I receive an email confirming delivery of goods purchased?

 Answer: Yes.


19. What is the products delivery time?

 Answer: We aim to ship most of the items presented on gTalk®Shop website within 72 hours (in Dhaka city) of placing an order. Outside Dhaka city it will take max 5 days. However, delivery may get delayed if correct information on delivery address and recipient’s contact number were not provided while placing an order or we are unable to contact the recipient for delivery.


20. Do you charge any Tax or vat?

 Answer:  Since we sell products from overseas for delivery to recipients in Bangladesh we are not required to collect sales tax on your purchases. 


21. What is the transaction currency?

 Answer. US Dollar ($). 


22. What information do you need for shipping?

 Answer: Recipient’s name, address and contact cell phone number. 


23. What is your delivery hour?

 Answer. 11 am to 9 pm Bangladesh time.


24.  Is my credit card information secured for transaction through gTalk®Shop.com system? 

Answer: Yes. gTalk®Shop employs Secure Sockets Layer (referred to as 'SSL') software - the most advanced security software available to ensure security of your data. gTalk®Shop does not store any payment data on this site or in the server. All payments are processed by 3rd party payment gateway (Chase Paymentech and PayPal).

25. What is your return policy?

Answer:  Detailed refund policy can in posted on the www.gtalkshop.com website.  We do not issue any cash refund. If you are not satisfied with any non-perishable item and/or related delivery service, the customer or the recipient must notify us of the issue within 24 hours of delivery to qualify for exchange. If a product quality is in question, we will contact the product supplier and arrange replacement.

Perishable items are not subject to any refund. We are not responsible for preserving perishable products (cake, flower, food items etc.) after delivery. If the product is damaged by us we will replace it with a same one.