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Catering, Masterchef Subrat Ali

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Catering service for special program

  • Nan
  • Beef Handi Kabab/Beef Kalia
  • Plain Polao
  • Mutton Rezala
  • Morog Mosallam
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Jorda/Firni
  • Borhani
  • Salad
  • Water

Masterchef Haji Mohammad Subrat Ali Miah,the cooking legend of Indian sub-continent. He was born in 1935 in armanitola, Dhaka at Chowdhury Bari. Behind his legacy he has 150 years heritage.It starts from Subrat Alis grandfathers father Jahir Ali. Subrat Alis grandfather Md.Haydar Ali was the cook of Nawab Altaf Ali. By heritage this position goes to Hayder Ali's son Md.Nannu Miah(Nawab Ali). As time goes on the legendary duty of cooking is given to Md. Subrat Ali.He made the new era of cooking sector through his honesty, dedicatio , skill and intelligence. Wise man Subrat Ali establish shahi cook. Shahi cook become famous through the world. President Marshal Tito (Yugoslavia), Badshah Shah Pahlovi (Iran), President Sukorno (Indonesia), President Nasir (Mishor), Badshah Hasan of Jordan, Leu Chauchi of Chin, Midora Thapa of Vutan,Ayub Khan of Pakistan,Tikka Khan, Prince Aga Khan, President Kenedi and lot of celebrity, political leaders and high officials was delighted and satisfied by Subrat Alis food. He was the master cook of the dinner party in honour of Indira Gandhi at Bango Bhavan after the liberation war.
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